Digital SPECIAL of only $497
Are you ready to build your own Spiritual Business?! 
One that generates you a real income with a steady clientele
Are you ready to get out of your own way and really show up to fulfill your purpose? 
You have developed your gifts and abilities and are now ready to build a REAL business doing what 
you love! 
Tired of feeling lost and confused on how to get PAYING clients?! -- Because let's be honest 
that's enough of the freebie readings
Ready to build the clientele so you can leave the draining J-O-B
Do you desire to show up like the go-to EXPERT online and in person?
If that's you, you DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS! 
Psychic Biz School is the FIRST program developed specifically to teach amazing lightworkers just like you what they need to do in order to gain clients, grow their online audience and set their 
business up for long term success! 
Why?... Because the days of the BROKE and BURNTOUT healer are OVER! 
It is time to step into the energy of being a Modern Day Mystic who knows how to rock their Business! 
Tired of feeling Overwhelmed and Confused about how to 
You're in luck! The simple steps are right here!
Normal price: $2799
One-Time Payment: $997 
Digital SPECIAL of only $497
Prices are in US Dollars
Ready to take your passion from HOBBY to BUSINESS--
But finances holding you back?
You're in luck--3 monthly payments of $377
JUST $177
Prices are in US Dollars

What is waiting on the inside...

Module ONE  

Massive Clarity & Authentic Alignment

So many spiritual practitioners get stuck building their business by default instead of desire and intention. In this first Module we get crystal clear on the structure of your business so it never slips into hobby mode and is always in alignment with who you are and the clients you serve. 
No more feelings of panic when someone asks "Hey what do you do?"

Because Clarity = Confidence! 

Module TWO  

Getting Started-- Birth of the Business

In this module, we step into the energy of being conscious creators and start really building the foundation of your business. Here we go over all the "details" -- you know the ones that usually make your head hurt and keep you spinning for months! Tanza has laid out a super simple step by step process so you can get them done in record time and have everything you need to start seeing paying clients today! 

Module THREE  

Honour the Calling 

In this module we really learn to lean into the calling and connection to Spirit. We cover what it really takes to be an AMAZING Healer or Intuitive. Without it restricting your life! This lesson will RADICALLY transform your mindset and help you release the fear you may have about stepping into your power and serving the clients you are meant to help. 

Module FOUR   

Calling in Your Clients and Charging your WORTH

Nervous about actually seeing clients? -- Scarier yet charging for your services! No sweat -- in this module Tanza shares effective techniques so you can attract paying clients and shows you step by step how you can schedule them, collect payment, and totally rock your reading like a Professional Psychic no matter if it is online or in person.
Plus learn how to truly see how valuable your services are to your clients-- who are happy to pay you.

Module FIVE

Mindful Marketing Magic

By this point in the program you will have the confidence and know how to totally rock your business so now we will utilize proven and super simple marketing techniques to ensure your Facebook audience continues to grow and how you can really establish yourself as a credible expert. 

Module SIX


Before you know it you will be ready to teach, to hold group events and begin stepping into your power not only as a great healer but as a spiritual leader and guide. In this part of the program we dive into that! The mindset and the practical how to so you can be sure you never limit your businesses growth or impact. 

PLUS You Recieve AMAZING BONUSES when You Enroll TODAY

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(scroll down to see what they are) 

The "old" techniques of relying on business cards and word of mouth are limiting your business!
There are now more people than ever on social media -- In fact there are over 1 BILLION active Facebook users.

Best part is it is more affordable than ever to promote your business! 
But posting pretty quotes is not enough--- you need to learn some super simple [no need to be a tech genius] Mindful Marketing so you can book clients and build your business! 

Don't worry, in Psychic Biz School you will learn the most effective ways to begin building your businesses presence online and how to find clients who are happy to pay your rate. 
Learn how to get VISIBLE and stand out in your market place as an EXPERT

What just a couple of the amazing Mystics who have worked with Tanza have to say...

Prior to joining PBS I'd worked with a coach for a year and still wasn't bringing in an income. I was nervous because previous courses I'd taken were a failure.  

I've seen HUGE results in just one month from joining Psychic Biz School, I tripled my Facebook followers, increased my prices and am almost ready to launch a course.

Working on my marketing knowledge and money mindset has been incredibly valuable.

I would 100% recommend that you join Psychic Biz School!
Tara Hullah 
I am so Grateful to you and the Psychic Biz School you created!
🌟It helped me really download how important owning my worth is for my AND my client!
🌟How to set boundaries with Spirit
🌟Really know how important the work really is to everyone involved
🌟Have MASSIVE support though the learning process
🌟Bring my earnings to $350 a session!
💖Most of all learn from a woman in our field that is REALLY doing the work and making the money the mirrors her worth !!!
🌟This can be your reality !!!🌟
Tanza thank you for listening and speaking my have made it an amazing experience and I ask anyone who is a Physic or in the Healing Arts to move forward and work with Tanza...She is Life Changing!!!
Elena Bray💖  
The struggle so many healers and intuitives have is they invest time, energy and money into learning their craft but forget ALL about investing in learning HOW to get clients! 
Instead they rely on visualizing, praying and hoping some day they will have a large enough reach to book consistent clients.
Now you could hire a FB ads expert and pay $4000-$7000 and if they are good they will get you some new clients or you can learn how YOU can promote your business 
OR you can take RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY and learn how YOU can build your own presence on social media and how to BUST into the ONLINE world!
So if you are ready to get started now you can enrol into Psychic Biz School for a very special offer for the founding members of PBS

Your Investment is Fully Backed by Our 120 Day Money Back Guarantee 

At the Modern Day Mystic we do not want the energy of unhappy customers or the money from disatisfied customers so if you do not get paying clients within the first 120 days of being in this program, just send us an email with the link to your Facebook page letting us know, and so long as you took the suggested action and implemented the steps in the program and we will refund 100% of your money

Why do we require that you show us the work? 

No matter how much your visualize, journal and pray, until you take action you will not achieve results. I can not help anyone who is unwilling to take inspired action. 

Bonus #1

Get FULL access to the Money Medium Mindset Program 
$3000 value
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Bonus #2

Recieve LIFETIME access to ALL updates and revisions of the program

$997 Value EVERY time there is an update

Yours FREE when you Enrol Today!
Ready to Fulfill your PURPOSE?
No more one day, someday - start building your dream business today!
Normal price: $2799
Value $10,000+
Your price: $997 
Prices are in US Dollar

Ready to Build Your Biz?! 

Get started today for just three
payments of $177

Hey, I'm Tanza -- the Creator and Founder of the Modern Day Mystic.

 I began my business back in 2013 as an Intuitive Energy Healer and Psychic Medium who got tired of feeling limited in the amount of people I could serve living in a small town and after feeling overwhelmed and confused on how to break into the online market I decided to take the plunge and have not looked back since!

 I have had the privledge of reading for hundreds, if not thousands of clients. At any given time the last few years my waiting list has been six months long and is now closed down as I now focus on helping other lightworkers how to build their own businesses and step into embodying the energy of a Modern Day Mystic.

Booking more sessions is just the beginning! I also teach my clients how they too can begin teaching, doing group readings, running workshops and in the Modern Day Mystic Mastermind I help these amazing Spiritual Leaders to E V O L V E their spiritual businesses and begin mentoring and coaching.

I myself have built a Spiritual Business that I love, helping clients I adore and generates me a steady six figure income!
Still have Questions? Tanza has answers! 
Who is Psychic Biz School for? 
Psychic Biz School was specifically designed for those ready to begin building their own spiritual business. However if you have been is business for a while and still struggle to get paying clients this program will be a game changer for you! Because if you are struggling to book steady clients it is most likely your marketing is out of alignment or not portraying the true value of what you do. 
What if people in my area will not pay the rates I wish to charge?
The beautiful thing about the online world is it no longer limits your business to just your local area and when you establish yourself as an expert people are happy to pay a premium price that truly reflects your gifts and abilities. 
Do I have to give free readings?
NO-- if you are asking this they clearly you are new to me and my work but I actually do not believe in giving free readings. I know how valuable the work you do is and I truly believe your clients should pay you. 
What if I am not tech savvy?
Me neither! That is why in Psychic Biz School we leap it as simple as possible! 
Ads are expensive, do I need to use paid advertising. 
Absolutley they are, especially if you do not know how to properly use targetting. So short answer is -- No you do not have to dive into paid advertising. But if you do want to, we have a training that walks you through step by step and shows you exactly how to set them up and run them to people that will be most interested in what you do. 
What if I have questions during the program?
Great question, at this time this is a digital program only.
However when we launch the live calls again you will be able to decide if you would like to upgrade to the call bundle! 
Until then feel free to email your questions to and a member of our support team will be in touch.
Is there a Payment Plan?
Yes there is a super affordable Payment Plan! 
Just 3 payments of $177
Still have more questions? No worries - email us at 
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